We're building a mentoring community to help people discover purposeful experiences.

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Our hope.

Our hope is that we can raise the ceiling on aspirations while simultaneously raising the floor of potential for anyone who joins our mentoring community.


Discovery is uncovering ideas, dreams, and passions there were previously unknown to us. Most importantly, "discover" is a verb, and discovery requires us to act.


Purpose is what pushes us through circumstances beyond our control. Purpose brings clarity, even in the most difficult of times.


Who we are today is a product of our accumulated human experience. Experience - both our own, and of others - is a powerful catalyst for growth.

Who we are

TuklasPH is organized by Thea and JC, long-time colleagues who have been helped by so many during their corporate and personal journeys.

Their experience spans across BPO, FinTech, Telecommunications, and Government and have worked on various scales from start-ups to enterprises.